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Sydney Court Lawyer

Court Representation

When it comes to court representation, our hard work, diligence, training and experience ensure the highest level of professionalism and integrity. This gets results. Whether we … More

Local Government Lawyer

Local Government Law

Local government authorities have significant powers under the law that affect our every day lives. Whether on a personal level or professionally, local government laws have the … More

Planning & Environment Lawyer

Planning & Environment Law

At Jaku Legal, we specialise in resolving disputes and have extensive experience dealing with disputes in the field of environment and planning law. As with local government law, … More

Civil Litigation Lawyer

Civil Disputes & Litigation

At Jaku Legal we understand that differences of opinion can lead to disputes for an infinite number of reasons and circumstances. However, not all disputes require the intervention … More

Mediation Services

Mediation Services

Mediation is an informal process designed to help people resolve disputes themselves before litigation or once court proceedings have been commenced. Mediation often improves … More

Strata Lawyer Sydney

Strata Law

We understand the significant impact that Strata Law issues can have on people’s lives.  Accordingly, unlike other law firms that consider Strata Law issues as just a subset of … More